The Last Toiletry Bag You'll Ever Have!

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The Most Functional and Compact Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag Vacationist Hang on Mirror

Easy Access To Your Stuff

Hang it on a mirror or towel hook

Easily access to your toiletry items in separeted pockets

Detach & Go (TSA Compliant)

The clear TSA Compliant pouch holds all your travel-sized liquids and is easily removable for scanning

You can also use it in the shower so everything is accessible when you need them most

Vacationist Toiletry Bag Shower
Vacationist Toiletry Bag Toothbrush

Tootbrush Pocket

Keep your toothbrush away from all your other products

This pocket is even large enough for most electric toothbrushes

Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

Toothbrush Pocket

Discreet & Hidden Pockets

Never be unprepared with a special pocket just for your personal effects

Stash your valuables to keep them hidden from wandering eyes- or hands


Keepin’ it fresh! Throw Vacationist into your washing machine with colors whenever you need a fresh start

Your Bag, Your Way

Vacationist Toiletry Bag Customize


Things drop. Water spills. Bottles break

Vacationist keeps outside liquids outside while not leaking anything inside

Vacationist Toiletry Bag Pockets

More Stuff? More Pockets

Store your passport and keys in the back pocket

Put big items such as combs and oversize bottles in the front pocket

Lightweight & Compact

Vacationist is packed with the most wanted features in a toiletry bag while weighing only as much as 2 apples and as big as your flip-flops

Yes, That Fits too

Launching in December! Reserve your Vacationist!

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